April 7, 2012

Do's & Don't of semester 6 Black Book

Let's discuss few things about the Do' and Don't for Sem 6 Project Black Book. Coming directly to the topic let us start with it.

Black Book Semester Six index (Reference Purpose Only)

  • Follow the rules laid down by your College for creating the Black Book
  • It should be Neat and Tidy (Regardless of we saying this)
  • See to it that you don't make any spelling mistakes
  • Proof read the soft copy 10 times before you actually print those
  • First page will create the impact, so get things Embossed perfectly
  • Certificate from College and Company (if Live Project) must be attached properly
  • Cross check the requirement with your college in terms of University Standards
  • Create a perfect Index (Refer above image : Only for demonstration purpose, the content may differ according to your college specifications)
Let us understand each point mentioned in the image
  • Project Title : Title of your Project
  • College Certificate : Certificate issued by college for completion of Project
  • Company Certificate : If you are doing a live project you will need this in your Black Book
  • Acknowledgement : Thanking and Regard givings to all those who helped you during the project in any form
  • Synopsis : Write a perfect synopsis of your project. Not too small or over exaggerated. Should include points like  
    • Company Profile
    • Recognition gained by the Company.
    • Work flow of Company
    • Requirements of the Company
    • Detailed explanation of the Modules you will be working on
  • Objective & Scope of the Project : Mention about the Basic Objective of the Project and Scope of the Project in terms of meeting the Requirements of Company mentioned in earlier point.
  • Limitation : Feel free to mention about the Limitations of your Project. The Real limitation and not the ones that you weren't able to code or something :p
  • Definition Of Problem : Define the Problems faced the Company and why they need your project in short, crisp and straight forward points.
  • User Requirement Vs System Design Analysis : In this section mention the User Requirement i.e. Company's Requirement and what your System will do i.e. how you have designed it. By Design it does not mean the UI it means designed programatically.
  • Development Tools Used : Specify the Software's you have used for the Project. Back-End for Database purposes like Oracle, Microsoft Server, Access, etc. for Front-End what you have used like C#, .NET, Java, etc..
  • Gantt Chart : Gantt Chart is representation of the expected and actual time involved in the completion of Project.
  • E-R Diagram : E-R Diagram stands for Entity Relationship Diagram. You would have made it for sure and now its time to include it.
  • Data Flow Diagram : Data Flow Diagram i.e DFD are must so that you can define each and every single process of your Project. DFD's start from Context Level i.e. Level 0 and then Gradually increases to Level 1 and 2 (Sometimes 3 and 4 depending upon the complexity of the project)
  • List of Processes : Define each and every process of the project with a perfect and self explanatory description. example: Login Process, User Management process, etc..
  • System Implementation : In System Implementation specify about the System requirements for your Project i.e Basic needs for the project to be executed on any machine. Also mention about the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model you used like WaterFall model, etc. Describe why you are using the model and NOT what the model is all about.
  • Maintenance : In this section mention about the Backup feature and mechanism. Also mention about the Security features added by you.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis / Economic feasibility : Explain how your project is economically feasible and also specify about the Cost and Efforts involved.
  • Test Forms : Insert Graphic images i.e. UI images because they add spice to the Project.
  • Testing : In this section mention about Testing. What level of testing you performed, time consumed and outcome.
  • Organization : Repetitive but give small info about the Company not mentioned in the earlier section.
  • Data Dictionary : Data Dictionary is nothing but your Database Tables. Include them.
  • Bibliography / References : Mention about the sources you learned from and also the resources and websites that helped you complete your Project.
  • List of Tables and Figures : This is a normal list to include about the page numbers where you have used Tables or images in the entire Project.
Hope this information is useful to you guys. If you have any doubts, queries feel free to Contact Us.


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